Peace of Mind

Safeguarding your pet’s future

Are you worried about what will happen to your beloved pets after you pass away?  Did you know that your Will can safeguard their future?  

We will care for your pets and give you Peace of Mind
It is easy to make provisions for them; all it takes is a simple clause in your Will instructing that the care of your pets is handed over to RSPCA Cornwall Branch. We can provide this information in leaflet form which you can take with you when you visit your solicitor to discuss your wishes for your pets.  

We will do everything we can to find your pets a new, loving home.  All animals in our care are given a health-check, which includes treating any medical problems, vaccinating, neutering and micro-chipping as necessary. New owners are checked for suitability and we make follow-up calls to be sure the animals have settled in well.  

To use this service, all you have to do is complete and return a registration form, which can be requested from Admin Officer, The Venton Centre, Quoit, St Columb TR9 6JS, or email:

Please be assured that your details will be held securely and in the strictest confidence, and only used to register you in this scheme and for collecting your pet(s) when we are notified that you have passed away.

Whilst we recommend you seek your own advice from a solicitor, here is the suggested wording for your Will which passes care of your pets after your death to RSPCA Cornwall Branch:

“In the event that any pet animal of mine survives me and I have made no other provisions for its care I direct my Trustees to notify Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Cornwall Branch at The William & Patricia Venton Animal Centre, Quoit, St Columb, TR9 6JS (Registered Charity No: 1024808) as soon as practicable after my death and to request RSPCA Cornwall Branch both to relieve them of responsibility for the animal and to endeavour to place it in a suitable home as soon as practicable, RSPCA Cornwall Branch having absolute discretion to deal with the welfare of the animal as it considers fit and I direct also that (RSPCA Cornwall Branch having accepted such a request) the animal shall not form part of my residuary estate.”

Once you register for our Peace of Mind service you should let your friends, family or neighbours know that you want RSPCA Cornwall Branch to take your animals in the event of your death. We provide a wallet card, which can be kept with you at all times and has our telephone number to call.

As soon as we are informed that someone who has registered with Peace of Mind has passed away, their pet(s) will be collected as a matter of urgency and brought to the RSPCA Venton Centre Animal Centre at St Columb.

Leaving a Legacy

Would you help us take care of your pet by leaving a Legacy?

RSPCA Cornwall Branch receives no money from the government or the Lottery, and very minimal funding from the National RSPCA.  The Branch depends on the support of the people of Cornwall, for financial donations. If you are thinking of using the “Peace of Mind” service, maybe you would also consider leaving a gift in your Will to RSPCA Cornwall Branch.  This will help us support the care for your pets and other animals that are brought to us by RSPCA Inspectors investigating cruelty and neglect.

Here is the wording if you would like to remember these animals with a gift to RSPCA Cornwall Branch in your Will, but any changes to your Will must be witnessed, so we recommend taking advice from a solicitor or Will writing service:

“I give the sum of £ ________ (or specify a share of residue) to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Cornwall Branch of The William & Patricia Venton Animal Centre, Quoit, St Columb, TR9 6JS (Registered Charity No: 1024808) for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the honorary treasurer or other proper officer of the said RSPCA Cornwall Branch for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.”

Rehoming of all animals falls in line with RSPCA rehoming policies and practices which are available on request. We never put a healthy animal to sleep.

How we use your personal information

RSPCA Cornwall Branch uses the personal data you give us on this and other forms for the purpose of achieving its animal welfare objectives. It is processed as a contractual necessity in order to take steps at your request prior to entry into a contract for a service provided by the charity.

The information you have supplied will be used to contact you about Peace of Mind and maintain administrative records whilst you are registered in the scheme. It will not be passed to any other organisation. If you wish to cancel your Peace of Mind registration, please contact the Admin Officer and your data will be deleted.

To request further information about how your personal data is used, our data security and retention policies and your right to access your data, please see our Privacy Notice. Or write to the Admin Officer, RSPCA Cornwall Branch, The Venton Animal Centre, Quoit, St Columb TR9 6JS.

For general information about data protection see: