Animals Available for Fostering

We sometimes have animals at the Centre in need of Foster care that we cannot advertise for legal reasons.  If you do not see any animals here currently available for fostering and you would like to be added to our foster register, please see our “Fostering for Us” page on how to apply.  As we often need foster homes at short-times, it is important that we have a list of suitable placements available, so we can react quickly when we have an animal in need.


The lovely Roxy, a previous foster case …

13 year old Roxy recently came to us in a very poor condition from the local RSPCA Inspectorate team. She is deaf, was very underweight, had severe chronic dental disease, skin disease, grade 3/4 heart murmur and multiple masses across her body. Since coming into our care in December, she’s had extensive dental work (24 extractions in total) and gained much-needed weight.

We don’t know how long she’s got left in this world, but that didn’t stop us from giving her a second chance. We secured a wonderful foster home to give her the time, love and care she needs, and we take care of the finances at our own cost.

Roxy is very needy; she constantly likes to be close to someone and will whine if she can’t find you. As she is deaf, she doesn’t hear the sound of her own voice, but she loves a good bark!  She needed further support with toilet training, but she’s doing well so far.