Pet Memorial Garden

Our pets are treasured members of the family and we feel their loss in the same way we may mourn other relatives and close friends.

Our memorial garden here at RSPCA Cornwall is a place where you can come to remember your beloved companion in a calm and peaceful setting. This little space at our Centre will be tended and cared for in honour of your cherished departed companion. 


How you can create a personal memorial to your much loved pet

We offer a number of different ways that you can choose to remember your pet.  All purchases made to our Memorial Garden go towards helping us to continue to look after the animals in our care.

We understand that people remember their animals in different ways and therefore we would like to offer a personalised memorial. Bespoke packages are available with options for engraved plaques, tree and flower planting. 

If you would like to commemorate your pet in our peaceful Memorial Garden, please contact our Branch CEO – Emily Bowen

You may visit the Memorial Garden at any time during our Centre opening hours.  If you bring any dogs with you, please ensure they are kept on leads as our staff may be walking other dogs in the area.

If you need help or advice on Pet Bereavement, please visit our “Pet Loss Support” page