Cat Neutering Vouchers

Subsidised neutering for cat owners

RSPCA Cornwall Branch can offer subsidised neutering for owners who are on means-tested benefits*.

Each voucher covers the majority of the cost of the cat neutering procedure and the owner pays just £10 per cat. Before you apply, please speak to your chosen vets to confirm that they are part of the cat neutering scheme, as not all vets accept our neutering vouchers.  If you nominate a vet who is not in the scheme, we will have to return your application.  You may also wish to check with your chosen vets what they actually include in their standard neutering procedure.  Some vets include post-op pain medication, check-up consultation etc, whilst others may charge you for this on top of the £10 + voucher fee.

There is a form below to apply for vouchers (this is hosted under a separate database and does not look like our website pages, but this is normal and your information is completely secure):

Cat Neutering Voucher Application Form 

Once you receive your voucher, you need to present it, together with your £10 per cat payment to the vet when booking the neutering procedure.  As vouchers are not issued directly from the Centre, it can take around 21 days (due to high demand) to process your application, so please allow time for this before booking the neutering appointment.  Vouchers also have an expiry date, usually 1 month, so please ensure you use them within this time.

If you have any difficulty using the above form, please contact us by email – to request a copy is sent to you. All postal applications will require a copy of proof of benefits and Cornish address (which will be returned to you) and an SAE for the vouchers to be sent to you.

Please write CNC in the top corner of the envelope to ensure it is passed to the right department without delay.

Is your cat micro-chipped?

We also offer free cat micro-chipping for owners on means-tested benefits*.  The Cat Neutering Voucher Application Form can be used to apply for this. So if your cat is not chipped, please consider getting this done whilst they are at the vets being neutered.

It is important that chip details are kept up to date should you change address or telephone number, but the vets inserting the chip will provide details of how to update this information.

Help with vet bills

Vet bills can be expensive, so we have put together some information and advice on various options to apply for help with treatment costs.  Please see our see our separate Help with Vet costs page for further information.

If you are in receipt of means tested benefits* you can also apply to be considered for Welfare assistance from RSPCA Cornwall Branch on the same page.

* Check that you qualify:

To be eligible for cat neutering vouchers or free cat micro-chipping, you must be in receipt of at least one of the following:

Universal Credit, Working tax credit, Income support, Housing benefit, Council tax benefit, Income-Based Jobseeker’s allowance, Employment support allowance, Guaranteed pension credit