How we did in 2017

In 2017, the Venton Centre rehomed 316 animals by type as the list below.

The figures are down on 2016’s. This is due to the Centre taking in many Inspectorate case animals. These are animals that have been abused or badly treated and, of course, need extra care, attention and love.

They stay at the Centre until a decision is made on whether to prosecute the owners and then there is a Court case when the animals are legally put into the care of the RSPCA and only then can they be rehomed. This all takes a vast amount of time, sometimes as long as six months. In some cases extensive and long term medical care is needed and in the meantime we are unable to take in animals in the normal way.

Also this year, we need to refurbish our rehoming cattery block to bring it up to RSPCA standards and this will mean the number of cats we can accommodate and rehome will drop for the next few months.