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1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

DINO – 2 year old male Lurcher

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Dino is a highly energetic young boy who arrived here after he was transferred from another centre. He has found kennel life pretty tough at times and is now hopeful he will find his perfect family here in Cornwall. This handsome boy is full of life and energy and loves nothing more than a good run around with his canine friends. Dino is looking for an active and experienced home with owners who are willing to keep up with his training to ensure he reaches his full potential.

Dino can live with secondary school aged children or older and can potentially live with another dog. Dino is not suitable to live with cats and/or small animals.

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Queenie is a sweet little girl, with a big personality. She can be uneasy with other dogs, therefore continued socialisation and basic training would greatly benefit her to develop into a special little lady.

Queenie will need to be rehomed to owners who have experience with terriers and once settled, will make a rewarding and fantastic companion. Queenie can live with secondary school aged children and will need to be the only pet.

ROCKY – 3 ½ year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Rocky can be shy when he first meets you but in no time at all you will find that you have a friend for life with guaranteed kisses and cuddles! He is a sensitive soul who requires patient, understanding new owners who can help him overcome his shyness. He is a very clever, well-mannered boy who knows lots of commands. He is a big pudding whose affectionate ways will be sure to make you smile! His favourite game is fetch and he will wait very patiently for you to throw his rope toy. Rocky is one of a kind - he is handsome with a beautiful nature and a big personality.

Rocky can live with secondary school aged children and older and can live with dogs (calm) and cats.

HOMER – 7 year old male Lurcher

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Homer is a friendly and affectionate chap who hasn’t had an easy start to life. He loves his creature comforts and would have cuddles all day long. Homer always looks a little sad, but we are sure once he has settled in with his new family and experienced a few adventures with them, that this will change. Being a middle-aged chap, Homer is looking for a fairly active home with a comfy sofa to curl up on at the end of the day!

Homer cannnot live with other dogs or cats. He can live with secondary school aged children.

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Pepsi is a sweet young girl who adores fuss and cuddles. She is a typical collie with tonnes of energy so is looking for an active home with new owners who are prepared to put time and effort into her training. She is very enthusiastic and eager to please so training her is sure to be positive, enjoyable and rewarding. Pepsi is very intelligent and can get bored easily so would ideally suit owners with experience of collies who can channel her energy into positive activities. Pepsi is still a young pup with a lot of potential and will make a loving and loyal companion in the right home.

Pepsi needs an adult (16+) home. She could live with a dog but it is unknown how she will react with cats.

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Stuart is a handsome young chap who still has a lot to learn about the world. He has lived a sheltered life so far so can be a bit wary of new people, situations and things he has never seen before. Because of this, he is looking for patient new owners who will bring out his confidence and show him the fun things the world has to offer. Stuart bonds very quickly and is very happy when he sees people he knows, so with a little encouragement he is sure to make a fun and loyal boy in his new home. He will benefit from training classes to keep him socialised and to learn a few commands – this would be a fun way to bond with his new owners.

Stuart can live with secondary school aged children or older. He can also live with other dogs but it is not known if he can live with cats.

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Harvey is a big, lovable goofball. He is a very handsome and appealing young dog. As he is such a young boy Harvey will need socialisation with other dogs, people and general day to day experiences, as home life will be new to him. Harvey will benefit massively from training classes giving him the opportunity to make friends and grow into a well-rounded dog. If you are looking for a big, attractive, cuddly bear with lots of potential then Harvey could be the boy for you.

Harvey can live with secondary school aged children or older but it is not known if he can live with cats and /or other dogs.

ROXY – 4 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Roxy is a loving and excitable girl who hasn't had the best start in life. She is looking for an experienced forever home with owners who can set firm boundaries and continue to keep her well socialised.

Roxy is a real chatterbox and would love to be the only dog in the home so she can enjoy her owners attention all to herself.

Roxy needs an adult (16+) home and will need to be the only pet.

JASPER – 1 year old male Cairn Terrier

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Jasper is a cute scruffy boy, with a quirky little character. He has unfortunately had very little training, so new owners will need to invest time into him setting clear firm boundaries. He will also need more socialisation around dogs. He will be a fun, energetic companion and will always put a smile on your face.

Jasper needs to be the only animal in the house and can live with secondary school age children or older.

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