Our current selection of dogs available:

Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

TYE - 2 years old male Staffi

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Tye is a typical Staffi - full of bounciness and enthusiasm for life! He is an excitable young dog who is full of fun and loves to play.

He has met some dogs here at the centre and he is learning how to have fun with them. However, new owners will need to continue helping him build on his socialisation skills.

He would need to be rehomed into an adult only home. He could possibly live with other dogs depending on how a meeting goes at the centre but he cannot live with cats or small animals. We think Tye will become a loyal, loving new family member.

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Bess is a very affectionate girl who hasn't received the love she deserves. She is a lively girl who will require an active home and we feel that she would benefit from training classes to help her bond with her new owners and keep her mind active.

Bess can live with older children and can potentially live with a confident cat. Bess could also live with another dog(s) depending on how a meeting goes at the animal centre.

Bess will make a cracking addition to any family.

LITTLE MO - 9 years old female Lurcher

Little Mo
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Little Mo is a sweet, friendly and playful girl. Although she is 9 years old she is full of energy and enjoys playing with both her human friends at the centre and by herself with toys.

She loves human company so will make a perfect companion, however she may sometimes get anxious when left alone, so experienced dog owners who are willing to continue her training will be ideal as well as will those who can spend a lot of time with her. Little Mo gets lots of fuss here at the centre but doesn’t enjoy kennel life and so is desperate for her forever home and will have lots of love to give.

Little Mo would prefer to live with Secondary school aged children. She could live with other dogs but not with cats or small animals.

MYLO - 5 years old male Jack Russell Terrier

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Mylo is a little chap with a big character who likes to make himself heard. He can bark when excited but with clear boundaries he should settle in well in most homes.

He just loves a fuss; he will playfully scramble at your leg when he knows that it’s time for walkies. He can pull a little on the lead through excitement so we have been working with him and are sure that continuing lead training in the home will be sure to improve this behaviour.

He enjoys his toys and cuddles and a soft furry bed to curl up in. Mylo has lived with a dog in the past and so, depending on how the meet goes here at the centre he could potentially live with another. Mylo likes to be the boss and can be vocal and then calms down. He has tons of energy and spirit and is a truly fun young man.

He would prefer to live in an adult only home. He can live with other dogs but not with cats and small animals.

WOODY - 9 years old male Collie X Staffi

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Woody is such a fun character, he loves attention, his squeaky toys, yummy treats and tons of cuddles. He pulls a little when on lead to start with but we have been working on his training and he is responding very well. It would be good for his new family to continue his training and in return you will get a loving and handsome chap. He has found kennel life quite stressful and is desperate for his forever home.

He would prefer to live in an adult only home. He can't live with other dogs and it is not known whether he can live with cats or small animals.

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Lucky is an absolutely cracking dog that has not had the best start in life. He still has a lot to learn and new owners must be prepared to start right from the beginning with him i.e. toilet training, and expose him to new stimuli with good association.

He has a very sweet temperament at the moment but training classes will be beneficial to keep this up. Lucky is good with other dogs but can get overwhelmed by big boisterous ones. Plenty of dog socialisation is essential to keep him confident around other dogs. With time, hard work and lots of love, Lucky will make a loyal companion and bring much joy to his new home and family.

He would prefer a home with primary school aged children. He can live with dogs but not with cats and it is not known how he will react to small animals.

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Dave is a very handsome young man who is looking for a forever home. He is a friendly boy and enjoys a cuddle but because he has lived a sheltered life he would love a home that will help increase his confidence in new situations.

He has made some doggy friends here but it seems that he hasn’t been socialised very much in the past and so experienced owners will suit Dave best. He has been friendly around dogs but introductions should be done slowly to allow Dave to feel comfortable. With a home to call his own we are sure that Dave will continue to increase in confidence and give you a best friend for life in return. Dave is doing well with lead walk training – but this will need to continue in the home as at times he pulls a little.

He would prefer to live with secondary school aged children. He could possibly live with another dog after slow introduction but it is not known how he will react to cats and small animals.

LIGHTNING - 2 years old male Lurcher

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Lightning is a gorgeous, affectionate boy. He will require an active home where he can enjoy long walks and space to run about when off-lead. He is a typical Lurcher with a very energetic personality. He enjoys his cuddles and once bonded to someone he enjoys walking by your side keeping you company. He has led quite a sheltered life in the past so will need owners who will bring out his confidence in new surroundings.

He would prefer an adult only home. He can live with other dogs but cannot live with cats or small animals.

SCOTTIE - 1 and a half year old male Shar Pei X

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Scottie is a real character and will need special new owners to work with him. He is a bit of a clown and so full of beans it is hard to keep up with him! New owners need to be calm, consistent, fair and set boundaries for Scottie from day one. With hard work, commitment and patience, Scottie will be a wonderful companion.

He is looking for an experienced home with no children; he can live with dogs but not with cats or small animals.

DANTE - 9 years old female Collie

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Dante is an affectionate girl who really enjoys human company. She has been good with the dogs that she has met here and despite being an older girl she still has lots of energy and loves to play ball games.

She will make a loving addition to her new family although she would prefer not to live with children and will require a 5ft fence in the garden. She can live with other dogs but not with cats and small animals.

BELLA - 1 year old female Rottweiler X Great Dane

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Bella is a fun girl who is full of energy. She is looking for experienced dog owners who will set clear boundaries and continue with her training.

In return you will get lots of love and there will never be a dull moment with Bella around. She is a strong girl but walks very nicely on a halti-lead so a confident owner will be sure to improve her lead training over time.

She is learning how to behave around other dogs as she can be excitable and this will need to continue in her new home. She has a loveable temperament around people and is ready for her forever home. Bella is looking for an adult only home with no cats and small animals; she could possibly live with other dogs depending on how the dog introduction goes at the centre.

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Danny is a very lively young chap who will benefit from training classes to aid with the socialisation he missed at a younger age.

He will be best suited to a family with German Shepherd experience. He can live with other dogs but can be a bit over the top with his play which may not suit some dogs. It is not known how Danny will react to small animals, but we do know that he cannot live with cats. He would prefer to live with older children.

HONEY - 5 years old female Boxer

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Honey is full of energy and is an extremely active dog. She is a real cutey and will make an ideal companion in an active home.

It would be good if new owners are experienced or willing to learn more about this breed as Honey is a typical bouncy Boxer who needs clear boundaries set. She loves a fuss and is very happy around her human friends here at the centre. She loves to play and can be a little full on so if she were to live with other dogs they would need to be able to cope with her rough and tumble play. Honey is a wonderful dog who, with continued training, love and attention, will be a friend for life.

She would prefer to live in an adult only home. She could possibly live with other dogs but not with cats and it is not known how she'd get along with small animals.

NICO - 2 years old female Akita

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Nico is a gentle soul who is looking to settle down. She was transferred from another RSPCA centre and is looking forward to exploring the Cornish coastlines and beaches. New owners will need to have knowledge of the breed and understand and work with any breed traits that may come out.

She would prefer to not live with children, cats or small animals but is fine to live with other dogs.

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