Our current selection of dogs available:

Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

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Sky is a wonderful toy loving lad who loves to run for a ball and will bring it back.

He can be a little timid at times so training classes would be beneficial in helping build his confidence. We think he will make a cracking little boy in the home.

Sky can live with secondary school age children or older and may be able to live with another dog. He cannot live with cats.

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Sammy is a friendly girl who loves a fuss. She can be timid to start with but once she knows you she will be your friend for life.

Training classes would be an advantage to help her socialise with other dogs and people and it will help build her confidence. She will make a smashing friendly companion.

Sammy can live with secondary school age children or older and may be able to live with another dog and cats.

BARNEY – 1 year old male GSD X

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Barney is a very enthusiastic young dog who is very eager to learn new things. He is an active boy who loves nothing more than a good run around the field, but always comes back for a fuss. Barney absolutely loves being around people and really thrives on attention – so much so that he can worry when left alone so needs new owners who are prepared to work with him so he becomes more confident. Barney is a clever boy and would love to find new owners who will channel his energy into fun activities. Barney will make a fun addition to his new home and will always be ready for adventures.

Barney needs an adult (16+) home. He can possibly live with another dog but it is not known if he can live with a cat.

BARNABY – 1 year old male Lurcher

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Barnaby is a very handsome looking dog with appealing eyes, which will melt any heart. He is full of life and quite bouncy at times which is no surprise at such a young age. Barnaby is going to need patient new owners who will continue to teach him good manners and the ways of the world. Once Barnaby settles into a home he will make a loyal and dedicated companion always bringing fun and laughter to any day.

Barnaby can live with secondary school aged children and older. He can live with another dog but is unable to live with a cat.

ZELDA – 1 year old female Staffie

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Zelda is a sweet people friendly girl who likes to do everything at 100mph. Zelda loves water and enjoys lying in a paddling pool, ducking her head under the water. Zelda is very energetic and always busy, so will need understanding owners willing to put time into her training. Zelda is a fantastic little dog who is looking for someone to love. She will make a loyal companion.

Zelda needs an adult (16+) home and will need to be the only pet.

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Bob is a sweet, handsome looking boy. Unfortunately, he has lived an extremely sheltered life, so can be very shy when first meeting people, but makes friends very quickly and easily. He will benefit highly from training classes as everything he experiences out of the kennel will be a new challenge. This will help with his socialisation skills to help him become a well-rounded dog. Anyone looking to adopt Bob will be thoroughly rewarded with a fantastic companion.

Bob needs an adult only home. He can live with other dogs but not with cats.

OZZIE – 7 year old male German Shepherd

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Ozzie is a friendly big giant who loves people who is quite happy to plod around off lead. As far as we know, Ozzie hasn’t been around other dogs but he is happy to walk alongside them here at the centre. Ozzie will make a fantastic friendly addition to his new family.

Ozzie can live with secondary school aged children or older. It is not known if he can live with cats or dogs.

WOODY – 3 year old male Staffi x Shar Pei

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Woody is a handsome boy looking for a fun loving family with a great sense of humour. Although he can be a bit of a clown, Woody is a very intelligent boy who can sit, paw, high five, speak and is loving learning how to use the agility equipment at the centre. Woody loves to go on long walks and is fantastic walking on lead. Woody is struggling with kennel life and would love to find a forever home as soon as possible.

Woody needs an adult only home and would need to be the only dog. He is unable to live with cats, but he can live with small animals.

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Stuart is a handsome young chap who still has a lot to learn about the world. He has lived a sheltered life so can be a bit wary of new people, situations and things he has never seen before. Because of this, he is looking for patient new owners who will bring out his confidence and show him the fun things the world has to offer.

Stuart bonds very quickly and is very happy when he sees people he knows, so with a little encouragement is sure to make a fun and loyal dog.

He may benefit from training classes just to keep him socialised and to learn a few commands. It would also be a fun way to bond with his new owners.

He can live in an adult only home and is best suited as an only pet.

BARNEY and BELLA – 6 year old male and female Border Collies

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Barney & Bella are a cheeky pair who are looking for an active home together. They have been together all of their lives and adore each other and are always side by side - they are like a comedy duo with their funny little quirks. Their favourite game is fetch with a routine of Barney always getting the ball first but dropping it for Bella to return!

Barney is a real gentleman with a friendly, affectionate attitude and Bella is a happy, smiley girl who will greet you with a big hug. Being typical Collies, they will need lots of fun-filled walks and activities to keep them occupied. Their lucky new owner will be rewarded with two loyal companions full of love and fun.

Barney & Bella can live with secondary school aged children or older. They can live with other dogs and could possibly live with cats.

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