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Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

Two for One - The Centre will rehome two cats for one adoption fee if it is specified they must be rehomed together. However, this only applies to adult cats. If two kittens are adopted we offer 10% discount i.e. two kittens for a fee of £81 instead of £90. N.B. Having two cats is great fun but please bear in mind this does increase your vet bills!

Elderly Cat Special -If you wish to rehome any cat age 8 and over we will offer a 50% reduction in the adoption fee.

Feral cats - If you can offer a suitable rural situation for the relocation of feral cats see HERE

Indoor Cats - If a cat is suitable to be rehomed as an indoor cat it will be specified in their description.

OLIVE - 10 year old female Domestic Short Hair

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Olive is a quiet girl who is looking for owners that will help her grow in confidence. Although she is beginning to trust people, her previous life wasn’t so great so she is definitely ready for a fresh start. She has a quirky little personality with a cheeky, playful side so is sure to make a fun addition to her new home. Olive loves a comfy bed to snuggle up in and is starting to learn that attention and fuss are things that she can enjoy.

She needs an adult only home and can live with another cat but not with a dog.

TREV - 2 years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

When Trev first arrived he was a very shy, timid boy but has since blossomed into a confident chap who loves to be the centre of attention.

He craves fuss and is often watching out of the cattery waiting for someone to interact with and make friends with everyone he sees.

Trev has come from a very busy household so would ideally like a home where he won’t be left for long periods as he gets bored and lonely easily.

He has so much love to give and is waiting to find new owners who have just as much love to give him.

Trev can live with children of secondary school age or older. He needs to be the only pet in the home.

TOM - 8 years old male Persian

(Click photo to enlarge)

Tom is a handsome man with his curled up ears and curly fur. Tom likes to sit in his pod and watch the world go by. One of his favourite things to do is to remind you it’s time for his food. He sits at the front of his cabin and cheeps at you. He is a gentle soul who is looking for a new home and family who will love him and his quirky ways.

Because he is a bit shy he will need time to settle so Tom is looking for an adult only home where he can possibly live with another cat but not a dog.

MIA and ARIEL - 1 year old and Ariel 8 month old female DSH X

(Click photo to enlarge)

Ariel and Mia are a sweet and very pretty pair. Although they may be a bit shy initially, once you get to know them they will show their true playful characters.

Mia is the quieter of the two but she adores fuss and always seems to be purring when in the company of those she knows and trusts.

Ariel may be small but she is bold and curious and craves attention. This joyful girl loves company and will climb on your shoulder to receive as much attention as she can get.

Both girls keep each other entertained playing with toys and chasing around their pen. Ariel brings out the confidence in Mia and the two are very close so they would love to find a home together where they can receive all the love and care they deserve.

They can live with children of secondary school age and with cats but not with dogs.

ZUKI and CURLY - 5 and 4 year old male DLH and DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Zuki and Curly are the best of friends. They love to cuddle up together on a warm and cosy bed. These beautiful boys can be shy at first but once they’ve had time to settle will come out of their shells and shower their new owners with unconditional love!

Zuki and Curly could live with children 5 years of age or older. They would prefer to be the only pets in their new home (apart from each other!)

KAREN - 10 years old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Karen is a shy little girl who likes to do things in her own time. It has taken her a long time to settle here but she has become braver and likes to watch while other cats play.

She has learnt that receiving attention is amazing and will let you tickle her tummy and scratch behind her ears.

Karen is looking for a new family who have time and space to let her explore in her own way.

She can live with children of secondary school age; she might be able to live with another cat but not with a dog.

OSCAR and LULA - 1 year old male and female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Oscar and Lula came to the centre through no fault of their own. Both were a bit shy to begin with but now they enjoy company and fuss after they get to know you.

They are looking for a new home together and as they love to watch their neighbouring felines they can live with resident cats These loving cats just need a bit of time to settle into a new home and they will reward you with gratitude and love.

They can live with children of secondary school age and with other cats but not with dogs.

MAUDE and TOOTS - 10 and 3 year old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Wow! Meet Maude and Toots. These felines are adorable, supercool and wonderfully characterful.

Maude is the wise one, clever and calm but comical. She has a playful side and at times is very human-like in the way she looks after her friend Toots. Toots is a darling, graceful cat with a gentle soul who sometimes needs reassurance.

They both have incredibly loveable personalities with their cute little chirps and heartfelt head bumps. They are affectionate and warm-hearted and are looking for a home together where they will be loved and cherished as they deserve.

They can live with secondary school age children but not with dogs.

BILL - 3 year old male Persian

(Click photo to enlarge)

Bill is a reserved little chap, very handsome with curly fur and amber eyes.

He tends to be shy so he is looking for a new family that has the time and patience to help him learn that fuss and attention are fun.

Bill needs an adult household to live in, and he could be with other cats but not with dogs. This quiet soul will reward any family with gratitude and love once he has settled in.

LUIGI - 4 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Although Luigi appears big and bold in appearance, he really is a delicate guy with a sensitive side. He is in search of his new home due to no fault of his own and has been left a little bewildered by his move to the Centre. Luigi is a sweet boy, who really deserves a second chance and is looking for understanding and patient owners who will help him trust again.

Luigi needs an adult (16+) home and will need to be the only pet.

PEN and ACE - DSH male and female kittens

(Click photo to enlarge)

Ace and Pen are a cheeky pair of kittens who have been fostered together.

Ace came to us at 13 weeks old as a stray. She is a friendly affectionate little lady who loves to climb and teach Pen his manners and will often be found cuddled up with him after a play session.

Pen came to the Centre at just 2 weeks old and was hand-reared. He has found his feet whilst being fostered and, with Ace showing him her best climbing tips and tactics, they have become the best of friends who like to share adventures.

They can live with children of any age, with dogs and other cats but must be adopted together.

DJ and LOUIS - male Domestic Short Hair

(Click photo to enlarge)

If you are looking for a pair of cheeky kittens to brighten your day then look no further than these two.

DJ and Louis were both found as strays but quickly became good friends here at the centre. They are very close and like to do everything together so are looking for fun loving new owners who can keep up with their energetic and playful nature.

The pair are absolute sweethearts who love a good fuss and cuddling up for a nap between play times. It is impossible not to smile with these boys around and they will bring so much joy to their new owner.

They can live with children of any age and with dogs and other cats.

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